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This tree contains: 2 families with 9 people in 2 lineages, 2 of these people are blood relatives; 1 families with 1 people are hidden.

Mary Graves
الميلاد: 16 ابريل 1648, "probably the daughter of Richard Graves who baptized in Salem Joseph, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Mary, Richard, Hannah, Deliverance" (This would explain why her eldest son was named Richard after her father rather than George after her husband, and why two of
الزواج: George Thomas
== 2 ==
Mary Thomas
الميلاد: 3 ديسمبر 1671
الزواج: Samuel Goldthwaite , by Rev. Nicholas Noyes
معموديّة: 9 مارس 1700, "at age"
الوفاة: 1735 ? 1737
Richard Thomas
الميلاد: 6 ديسمبر 1668
George Thomas
الميلاد: 14 ابريل 1670
Hana Thomas
الميلاد: 6 يونيو 1674
Ruth Thomas
الميلاد: 8 فبراير 1675
Elizabeth Thomas
الميلاد: 4 يناير 1672
== 2 ==
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