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سلالة Human Haplogroups
الجنس ذكر
الإسم الكامل Haplogroup A

Y-хромосомный Адам Y-днк (Прародитель Человечества) [Люди]

صفحة ويكي wikipedia:Haplogroup A (Y-DNA)


-100000 ? -75000 الميلاد:


Haplogroup A is localized to East Africa and Southern Africa and represents the oldest and most diverse of the human Y-chromosome haplogroups. It is believed to be the haplogroup corresponding to Y-chromosomal Adam.

It is common among the Khoisan people, including the Bushmen, which - together with its high diversity - suggests that it was their original ancestral haplogroup. قالب:Doubtful قالب:Delete

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