Yngvi-Freyr Njordsson (Svearos) و 175

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سلالة Yngling
الجنس ذكر
الإسم الكامل Yngvi-Freyr Njordsson
ألقاب أخرى Svearos
أسماء أخرى Viballathus

Nerthus Pilleatus (Nerthus) [Swydd]

w Njord Yngvisson [Yngling]



ولادة الطفل: Fjolnir Yngvesson (Legendary) [Yngling] و 200

أخرى: King of Svithiod

175 الوفاة: Uppsala, Sweden



The name Freyr is derived from the old Scandic frawjaz which translates literally to Lordقالب:Ref!.

  • Yngvi, King, born 193 in Noatun, Sweden, married abt 213 SRC: familysearch.com, AFN: VDCC-W0
  • Stuart, Roderick W., Royalty for Commoners, 3rd ed., Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore MD, 98-71621.
  • In Historia Norwegiæ, Ingvi is the first king of Sweden, and the father of Njord, the father of Freyr: "Rex itaque Ingui, quem primum Swethiæ monarchiam rexisse plurimi astruunt, genuit Neorth, qui vero genuit Froy; hos ambos tota illorum posteritas per longa sæcula ut deos venerati sunt. Froyr vero genuit Fiolni, qui in dolio medonis dimersus est, [...]".
  • In the introduction to Snorri Sturluson's Edda Snorri claims again that Odin reigned in Sweden and relates: "Odin had with him one of his sons called Yngvi, who was king in Sweden after him; and those houses come from him that are named Ynglings." Snorri here does not identify Yngvi and Frey though Frey occasionally appears elsewhere as a son of Odin instead of a son of Njörd. The "Sons of Odin" being a term applied not only to literal sons but to any his male posterity (grandsons) as well as was the custom of establishing an Att/Dynasty.
  • The Yngling Saga section of Snorri Sturluson's Heimskringla also introduces a second Yngvi son of Alrek who is a descendant of Yngvi-Frey and who shared the Swedish kingship with his brother Álf.

It is interesting to note that King of Sweden does not at this time mean King of Sweden in the same sense as the modern term. But rather, Yngvi was the king of the Svearos (an invading Asian tribe) that established a regional base in the township of Svithiod.. Furthermore there is evidence that through the system of fosterage and dynastic marriages, the Gothic based Dacio-Sarmatian kingdom extended up from the black sea to the Baltic Rim. Many of what is traditionally thought of as Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish) history actually occurred on the continent but was transplanted to the Scandian penninsula where it was later recorded centuries after the historical event. Many of the place names in Scandinavia are in fact echoes or namesakes of their earlier counterparts elsewere in Scandinavia and the European/Asian continent giving rise to confusion with regard to the locations of actual historical events.

It is becoming evident that there were no less than 3 historical Odins whose histories combined to equal one extremely long lived and well traveled God. There is a period of approximately 150-200 years separating Yngve Odinsson from his claimed parent. Yngve appears to have been descended from one of the Aulas of Dacia (a Geato-Sarmatian tribe) who as a Roman Foederatus whose descendants migrated early to Northern Germany and Scandinavia prior to the crisis of the 3rd Century. Other known descendants or "Sons of Odin" appear to be from the same ethnic stock but appear to have been late comers and both descended from the later Odins (Ex Roman Foederati) just prior to or during the collapse of the empire.


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من الأجداد إلى الأحفاد

Njord Yngvisson
اللقب المميّز: король Швеции
== 2 ==
Yngvi-Freyr Njordsson (Svearos)
أخرى: King of Svithiod
الوفاة: 175, Uppsala, Sweden
== 2 ==
Fjolnir Yngvesson (Legendary)
اللقب المميّز: король Швеции
الوفاة: 200
Sveigder Fjolnirsson (Legendary)
الزواج: Vana Nordin
اللقب المميّز: король Швеции
الوفاة: 225

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